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Sister M. Emeria Brundage, I.H.M.

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Research Paper

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Master of Arts in Education (Special Education)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Sister Evodia Wisssuchek, O.S.F.

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Illinois test of psycholinguistic abilities; Psycholinguistics--Ability testing; Children with disabilities--Education


The purpose of this paper is to report on a study that attempted to remediate children with known learning disabilities at the automatic sequential level and more specifically in the channels of visual-motor and auditory-vocal memory sequencing. The major goal of the study was to undertake remediation in these definite low-score areas as charted on four individual profiles of The Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities (ITPA) in an effort to ameliorate the deficits. These weak areas were approached by the presentation of skills in the stronger ability channels. Thus, if a child was experiencing a learning deficit in the visual-motor memory sequencing area, materials and information were presented that consistently involved his strong auditory-vocal memory sequencing receptors as indicated on his ITPA profile, while simultaneously structuring the visual-motor channel, and hopefully, improving related areas also.


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