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Master of Arts in Education (Special Education)

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Cardinal Stritch College

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Robert P. King

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Depression in children


Depression in children was found to be a serious psychological disorder that warranted clinical attention. Childhood depression was neither normal developmental phenomena nor transient disturbances that the children outgrew. The people in Korea are rarely aware of depression in children. In fact, they do not believe in the existence of depression in children. But traditional morals and family structure have rapidly changed since the 1970's. Children who grow up in a nuclear family do not receive the same emotional and psychological support that used to be provided by extended family members. In addition, society has become more competitive than ever before. From early childhood, the children face a high competition with their peers and struggle with reaching their parents' expectations as well as those of society. Under these circumstances the number of children who suffer from depression has increased unbelievably. Therefore, childhood depression was dealt with so that Korean parents and teachers could have a framework from which to work. The writer addressed the prevalence, etiology, nature and treatment of childhood depression, and the impact of the mother's depression on the children. In addition, the implication and intervention strategies which could be used by educators were addressed. Recognizing the signs of depression, people who were working with children could help them. Korean educators have a great responsibility to help the children where there is no school counselor and/or social worker. The purpose of the paper is to acquaint the readers with childhood depression. Thus, the paper dealt with focusing on research in cognitive characteristics of depression in children, influence of the home environment of children, and their treatment. Lastly, information was suggested concerning how to work with and help the children.


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