A Practical Guide to Cooperative Learning in Collegiate Mathematics


A Practical Guide to Cooperative Learning in Collegiate Mathematics



This book will greatly help readers introduce cooperative learning in their own undergraduate mathematics classes. Instructors who have tried some group activites as well as those who have not been involved at all with cooperative learning will find here detailed, useful discussions on every aspect of cooperative learning. The book reflects the extensive experience of the authors as well as that of over forty colleagues who responded to a survey on cooperative learning. Throughout the book cooperative learning is related to educational research results, which are clearly explained in one chapter.

Cooperative learning, as defined by the authors, involves students working in heterogeneous groups, usually assigned for the duration of the course. Students become responsible for each other's learning since the cooperative spirit permeates every facet of the course: homework, laboratory, assignments, classes, and even some tests.

The book includes directions for organizing students into groups as well as complete descriptions of what these groups do once they are formed. Examples of group problems and group test questions for various mathematics courses ilistrate the work that can be expected of the students in cooperative learning groups, the authors present methods for monitoring groups and dealing with problems that may arise in a cooperative learning environment. They also address the question of student assessment.

In addition to descriptions of their own methods, the authors include a chapter that summarizes forms of cooperative learning used by others. An extensive and annotated bibliography is also included.

This book is a valuable resource for any instructor who uses cooperative learning groups in an undergraduate mathematics class.

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A Practical Guide to Cooperative Learning in Collegiate Mathematics