Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning With Humor


Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning With Humor



Here is a researched-based book in which author Peter Jonas explores how humor can enhance both leadership performance and improve the learning environment. Jonas attempts to use research and brain-based concepts to build a theoretical foundation and then provides practical components for connecting leadership, learning, and humor. Individuals need to understand the theoretical nature of leadership before they can translate the concepts into practice on a daily basis. The same is true for humor. The main theme of the book is that the proper use of humor will not only increase learning comprehension, but it can be used as an important tool for leaders to enhance their effectiveness.

Throughout the book, Jonas has interjected humorous jokes, stories, puns, exercises, activities, expressions, etc. in order to show specific examples to provide the reader with material that can be used in leadership situations and the classroom. The materials in the book can be learned, saved for later, or copied for immediate use. Moreover, each chapter is fun to read and contains practical points and examples of how to integrate humor into daily leadership activities and lesson plans. For teachers and leaders, or anyone in the field of education.

Table of Contents

Introduction to humor, or, Make me laugh -- Purposes of humor, or, Humor is no laughing matter -- What is leadership, or, He ain't heavy, he's (she's) my leader -- Humor and the brain, or, Why slurpees give you brain freeze -- Humor and learning, or, That's not funny, it's teaching -- Four theories of humor, or, It makes sense in practice, but does it make sense in theory? -- Leadership and humor, or, Once you get people laughing, they'll listen to anything -- Leadership tools, or, If you only have a hammer then everything is a nail -- Humor and emotional intelligence, or, If it looks funny and feels funny, then it is funny -- Humor and the organizational environment, a management tool, or, He ain't funny, he's (she's) my boss -- Humor and team work, socialization, relationships, or, Team work is having others do my directive -- Humor and change, or, I'll change when hell freezes over -- Humor and the relationship to emotions, stress, and anxiety, or, What do you really mean by that? -- Humorous organizations, or, My school is a joke.

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Secrets of Connecting Leadership and Learning With Humor

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